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River Creature ‘Blamed for Drownings’



Kappa, also known as The River Child, is a legendary Japanese Merbeing. They are known by many names, including Neneko / Neko, Kawachi, Kyuusenbou, Ma-sunta, Mu jima, and Ningyo.

They have a fishy odor, like cucumbers and sumo, and are said to be very polite despite their malicious tendencies. Kappa, who are frequently depicted in Shinto folklore as bipedal turtles who drag people into rivers and lakes, are frequently blamed for drownings.

A fishing captain claimed he caught a kappa in a net in Mito, Japan in 1801. This kappa was distinguished by a prominent chest, a crooked back, and three anuses.

Kappa’s physical description stated that he was half human and half turtle or frog, standing 3-4 feet tall. Weight range: 20-50 pounds. Ape-like face and long hair, scaly reptilian skin, webbed hands and feet, a beak, a turtle-like shell, and a bowl-shaped depression on the top of the kappa’s head. The kappa’s power is derived from the water contained within this bowl.

Kappa is mostly active during the summer. Color changes like a chameleon, depending on their surroundings. Can also change into a human. possesses superhuman strength Cucumber is my favorite food. Instead of tears, she tears pearls. Frequently malicious. Attempts to drown children and tourists. He enjoys sumo wrestling.

During the Edo period (1603-1867), some serious scientific literature was devoted to the study of these creatures. Suikokouryaku (1820), for example, is a collection of kappa-related information gleaned from various Japanese and Chinese sources. Kurimoto Tanshu’s kappa sketches are included in the book, which is housed in the Iwase Bunko Library.

Sogenji Temple, a kappa-themed temple in Tokyo’s Kappabashi-Dori neighborhood, is a popular place to leave an offering. Inside the temple is a large collection of kappa memorabilia, ranging from ancient scrolls to souvenir coffee mugs—as well as one kappa’s mummified hand, housed in a wooden box.

A Kappa mummy is on display at the Matsuura Brewery in Imari, Saga Prefecture, where it was discovered inside a black box during renovations in the 1950s.

The factory has been in operation for over 300 years. It is ancient, gloomy, and filled with artifacts that its owner, Mr. Yamaguchi, claims were mostly discovered when the factory was cleaned out a generation ago. It is said that a box was discovered in the rafters and that something was discovered inside. It was the skeletal remains of a small creature about the size of a small cat.

Those who discovered it concluded that they had discovered a dead Kappa.


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“Bedroom Abduction” Caught on Camera



Following new comments about the event made by former Ministry of Defence (MoD) UFO investigator Nick Pope, a video of one woman’s purported abduction from her bedroom in Droitwich, England, is once again making the rounds on the internet.

The Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG) first made the video public in September of last year when they posted it to their YouTube page, despite the fact that it was reportedly shot in 2010 and featured on the television show ‘Fact or Faked’ in 2012.

According to the YouTube video description:

Infrared camera footage suggests that an alien abduction is taking place! The footage was shot by a Droitwich family a few days after the mother had vivid recollections of an abduction. Her husband installed the camera to put her mind at ease and help her sleep better after the incident. During this particular night, she was abducted again, and the camera footage from the night was reviewed in the morning.

The father is on the left and the mother is on the right, both sleeping under a duvet. The mother’s duvet is lifted up but then falls flat on the bed, giving the impression that she has vanished. After 12.5 minutes, the duvet rises very high and, when it settles, the mother is visible once more.

Because the infrared camera was not designed for this purpose, the family was unable to extract the video file. They got around this by connecting the camera to a monitor and recording the screen. This video is thought to be genuine and not a deliberate hoax. The family sent this video to the American television show ‘Fact or Faked.’ They were unable to recreate the footage without the use of hidden devices.

In a report published on the BUFOG website last September, UFO investigator Dave Hodrien explained that the event captured on camera occurred as part of a “follow on” abduction just six days after the witness’s initial experience.

To protect the witness’s privacy, Hodrien used the alias “Susan.”

“The experience began at an unknown time of night and felt to Susan at the time like a vivid dream,” Hadrien explained. “The first strange thing she noticed was a buzzing sound inside her head. Contactees frequently hear sounds like this before or after their experiences. She then had the familiar sensation of being drawn through a darkened tunnel, as she had in her previous experience. She then found herself in a room that resembled a doctor’s office. Brown wooden panels covered the walls. She was lying down once more, but this time she appeared to be on a flat table, naked and covered in a thin white sheet. Under her head was some kind of pillow.”

Susan turned to her right and noticed a “strange-looking little man” with short, red hair and “very pale skin” wearing dark glasses and a white doctor’s coat.

Susan was told by the “little man” that it was a doctor without opening his mouth as if the voice was “directly inside her mind.”

Susan’s left was occupied by a tall being she recognized from her previous abduction.

The “short doctor” moved its hands over Susan’s body without touching her, speaking in her head.

Susan said the being told her she had a stomach ulcer that wasn’t bothering her and that she had low blood sugar but wasn’t diabetic.

She became concerned that the “doctor” was about to deliver bad news to her, but instead it moved its hands lower, over her uterus, and told her not to worry.

Susan awoke the next morning feeling as if she were racing through a tunnel.

“When she got up and looked in the mirror, Susan also noticed two non-symmetrical bruises on her belly around the area of her ovaries,” Hodrien writes. She also began bleeding again, this time more profusely. Susan discovered that she now has a normal 28-day menstrual cycle, whereas before her experiences, she always had an abnormal 45-day cycle. She appears to have been permanently altered in some way.”

In his report, Hodrien included an analysis of the video.

As part of that analysis, he noted that there is movement towards the head and foot of the bed even after Susan’s “disappearance,” and “there appears to be what appears to be the base of her foot protruding from under one of the folds in the bed cover.”

“This does remain throughout the footage, implying that she was not physically taken,” Hodrien said. “However, it’s possible that it’s not her foot at all, but just an empty fold that gives the impression that there’s something there.” Unfortunately, the footage is not clear enough to say for certain.”

Hodrien also speculated that the abduction experience could have been metaphysical in nature, with Susan’s consciousness being taken but her physical body remaining intact.

In this scenario, an optical illusion is to blame for Susan’s “disappearance,” which is a strong possibility given that her foot appeared to be visible throughout.

Perhaps she simply rolled onto her stomach and became significantly less visible under the duvet, only to “reappear” when she rolled back over to her side.

Despite this, Hodrien believes the kidnapping was a physical event.

“In my opinion, there is enough evidence to suggest that the subsequent abduction occurred and was not just a strange dream; there are too many aspects of it that fit in with contact,” he said. “It also appears to have been a physical rather than a metaphysical abduction.” As a result, unless proven otherwise, I believe the footage is genuine and shows Susan dematerializing from the bed.”

Pope, on the other hand, refused to make such decisions.

“I’ve seen this video before, and I briefly met the couple involved, though I haven’t personally investigated the case.” To be honest, there isn’t much of a middle ground here: it’s either a hoax or something truly eerie and possibly out of this world. “Unfortunately, I’d taken early retirement from the MoD before seeing this video,” he told Birmingham Live earlier this month. “If I had access to the camera equipment and the footage while working on the UFO desk, I could have secured a proper scientific analysis using intelligence community imagery analysis resources and capabilities.” That would have quickly told me whether the footage was genuine or fake.”

While Pope did not deal with alien abductions on a regular basis while at the MoD, the subject did come up.

“While alien abductions were not formally part of the UFO project’s terms of reference, you can’t investigate UFOs without becoming involved in the debate over alien abductions.” People did contact him about abductions and other alleged alien contact experiences, but I had to tread carefully because it’s been MoD policy for decades to downplay our interest and involvement in the UFO phenomenon,” he explained. “So, getting too involved in abduction research could have resulted in extreme political embarrassment if it had been discovered.” But I had some ideas: blood and DNA tests on abductees would have been a good place to start in a double-blind study with a control group of people who have never had such experiences.”

“We could even have tasked the SAS with conducting covert surveillance of abductees’ homes while disguising the operation as a training exercise.” “However, the risk of exposure was too great,” Pope added.

However, he believes that renewed interest in UFOs will increase government interest in such phenomena, though this is not yet the case.

“The fact that the United States Congress and NASA are taking UFOs seriously has lessened the stigma of reporting a sighting, though fear of being disbelieved or ridiculed is likely still a factor for some people.” “Alien abductions, on the other hand, are probably a bridge too far for the time being,” Pope said. “Perhaps this will change, but for the time being, at least in the United States, the focus is on pilots and radar operators who have seen or tracked UFOs, as well as intelligence community personnel who have been involved in UFO programs.” Representatives in Congress are comfortable with this because it allows them to frame the UFO phenomenon as a defense and national security issue. Abductions would be more difficult to sell.”

According to Pope, this will most likely lead to more investigations conducted by civilian organizations.

“What all of this means is that people are probably more interested and open-minded about UFOs than they’ve ever been,” he explained. “However, abduction experiences are unlikely to come forward in large numbers.” “Unfortunately, because some of these people have been genuinely traumatized, they will have to deal with things on their own or contact civilian UFO organizations.”

While Pope has stated that he is “open-minded” about the abduction phenomenon, he believes that some cases can be explained by hoaxes and hallucinations.

“I’ve met enough people who claim to have had alien abduction experiences over the years to know that the vast majority appear sincere, with no signs of psychopathology.” “There’s unlikely to be a single explanation here, as there is with UFOs,” he said. “Some cases will be hoaxes, others will be the result of vivid dreams and hallucinations, and still others will be false memories caused by regression hypnosis.” But, as with UFOs, it only takes one genuine case to change the game and shift paradigms.”


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In a Touching Tribute, Stranger Leaves Sticks on the Graves of Dogs



People have been moved to tears after a stranger began leaving small sticks on the graves of dogs at a pet cemetery – they now have sticks to play with in the afterlife.

Many pet owners experience similar emotions to those experienced when a close friend or family member dies. While many owners bury their pets in their gardens or keep their ashes in an urn on their mantle, others prefer to bury them in a pet cemetery.

A stranger has been leaving sticks on dog graves to honor “man’s best friend,” bringing people to tears. The heartfelt photograph was shared on Reddit with the caption: “Someone placed small sticks on each of the dog graves in this cemetery.”

The stranger left a stick on each of the dog graves.

A veterinarian describes the distressing reaction dogs may have moments after being euthanized.

The post has received over 71,000 upvotes and 600 comments, with users expressing how it made them “well up.”

According to one user: “These always make me cry, especially now that my dog is nearing the end of his life. We’ve always adored our company.”

“Dude, it’s too early to cry,” another user commented.

According to a third user: “This hit home for me because my dog passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. It’s fantastic, and whoever created it has a beautiful soul.”

Other users commented on the dog’s names and expressed surprise at the age of some of the gravestones in the photo.

“I just love the progression of Lamb Chop, Sandy, Timmy, and Baron Fredrick Von Koch,” one user said.

“I hope Baron Fredrick Von Koch is having a wonderful time in doggy heaven,” another user commented.

Another user added: “I had no idea pet cemeteries existed. I had no idea they’d been around for at least 50 years. This is fantastic.”

But this isn’t the only pet cemetery where dogs have been given sticks to enjoy in the afterlife; people have also been leaving sticks at a dog’s grave in New York’s Green-Wood Cemetery.

Since people began passing it on lockdown walks during the Covid-19 pandemic, the grave of Rex, the loyal pet of Jon E. Stow, one of Brooklyn’s leading fruit merchants in the 1800s, has been decorated with more sticks than ever.

One Twitter user commented on Rex’s grave, saying: “There is a memorial for a dog named Rex. Because he is still a good boy, people bring him sticks and place them at his feet.”

Another user commented, “I needed this today,” and a third, “Oh my heart – how precious.”


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The Tale of Maumee River Monster



The Maumee River Monster, also known as the river dragon, was first reported in Napoleon, Ohio. Many people saw the animal on September 13, 1902, and its appearance is accurately described. The creature’s appearance is said to be similar to that of a river lizard, albeit much larger. It has been spotted on the Maumee River’s banks and appears to move as easily on land as it does in water.

The main feature of the animal’s body is a massive tail covered in minute scales like a fish. It also has two small, web-shaped feet that are possibly six inches long. Its eyes are small, set far apart, and a strange greenish color. The creature’s entire body appears to be covered in a coarse, heavy hide of a dull brown color.

It is difficult to give exact measurements of the creature, but it is estimated that it is nine or ten feet long, 24 to 30 inches tall, and 14 inches across. “If there is such a thing as a cross between an alligator, a lizard, and a snake, I believe our river monster would exactly fill the bill,” one witness said.


Maumee River Monster depiction.

Parts of the animal’s body are out of proportion, giving it a squatty appearance when viewed in full length. Water and land characteristics are mingled at times very noticeably together, making it impossible to classify the creature accurately. It has come to be known as the “river Dragon” along the river, though who first suggested the mystic creature of superstition as its namesake is unknown.

The animal’s home is on Savage’s Island, about 12 miles below here. The Maumee River has a series of rapids at that point, and it is assumed that the animal was washed into the river from Lake Erie, which the stream empties into a short distance below. The island is covered in thick shrubbery in places, reaching all the way to the water’s edge, but despite careful exploration, no trace of the animal’s hiding place could be found. The creature is now thought to live in a cave on the island, with access via the river, with the water concealing any trace of it. The pioneer of this section proposed that there is a vast honeycomb of caverns in this area, many of which are beneath the riverbed, and that the animal makes its home among these passages.

At the time, a group of fishermen was rowing home from their day’s sport around dusk when, in the vicinity of Savage’s Island, one of them let out a low exclamation of terror and dropped his oars. His actions drew the attention of the others, and the boat’s course was altered. An animal lay directly on a jutting point of the island, only 40 feet away, which could easily inspire fear.

The strangeness of the creature’s appearance was heightened by the gathering gloom. “It reminded me more of a huge snake than anything else,” one of the party members later commented. Its head was turned toward the boat’s occupants when it suddenly raised itself, giving the startled onlookers a good idea of its size, and plunged into the water with a huge splash. This was enough to get the men bent over their oars. But the creature clearly had no intention of attacking them, because that was the last time it was seen that night.

River monster/Lochness Monster

The story the party told of their encounter with the strange river creature piqued everyone’s interest, but despite keeping a close eye on that section of the river, nothing more of the animal was seen until nearly a month later. On this occasion, the view was obtained in much the same manner as before, and the creature dived into the water almost immediately upon being sighted, but the previous story was confirmed, and the existence of a strange sea creature in the Maumee River was no longer questioned.

There have been no sightings of other animals of the same kind in the area, and it is widely assumed that the creature is alone, though what happened to the former “dragon” and how this one managed to enter the river unseen remain unanswered questions. However, there appear to be several of the creatures in existence somewhere, as the two encounters here cannot have been with the same one. [Bay City (MI) Times, June 14, 1903, p. 18]

Sam McConnish, who claimed to have seen the river monster and a Thunderbird in the 1970s, was the man who reported it. It is said to resemble Nessie or a giant catfish, though it is more often described as a serpent than a giant catfish.

In 2009, a man near the mouth of the Maumee River reported seeing a large sea serpent-like monster that quickly vanished into the water.


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